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The Design Concept Explanation

The above thematic image features four collages, each representing a unique aspect of the area’s ecological history. The first collage is a portrait of nature as it has existed since before human habitation. A focal point is the majestic eagle, celebrated by First Nations as a creature of power and grace, and with its great vision, as the eyes of the Creator. Also represented are the fish, birds, animals, plants, trees, water and skies - all precious resources that the Model Forest Partnership is endeavouring to sustain. The second collage portrays descendants of the original First Nations inhabitants of the area during the time of the European fur trade, arrival of settlers and beginning of the forest industry. The third and fourth collages represent the Partnership of the Prince Albert Model Forest today, in which the spirit of sustainable forest management is demonstrated through the power of working together. From high tech satellite imaging to research and nurturing of the ecosystem, the Partnership is providing a voice for all stakeholders in the management and use of resources within the boundaries of the Model Forest. Model Forest projects gather information from research and Partnership sources, and share this information with the general public through guided tours, cultural interpretation, published reports and media releases. Current and future generations will benefit from these Partnership activities.
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